Learn How To Change and Create Laws That Benefit Your Community

In this simple guide, you'll learn little-known facts about your nonprofit's power to change public policy for the better and the steps you can take to do it “worry-free” (without jeopardizing your tax-exempt status or paying lobbying penalties).

PLUS: We'll show you how to write a BILL PROPOSAL — one of the most effective tools for turning grassroots ideas into concrete, actionable legislative solutions to real-world problems.

Are you a nonprofit professional with a desire to create long-term systemic change in your community?

Don't limit yourself to only providing direct services, stop letting “politics” intimidate you, and gain the courage you need to pursue a “macro-mission.” All the information you need to break out of fear is in this simple book!

This book will revolutionize the way you think about nonprofit lobbying by:

  • Destroying decades-old myths that have stopped nonprofits from participating in policy-making;
  • Explaining the laws that allow nonprofits to do a significant amount of lobbying without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status or breaking lobbying laws;
  • Providing step-by-step guidance on how to find the laws that impact your community and create a plan for how to change them; and
  • Showing you how to gain leverage in the legislative process by using a tool that large corporations and special interest groups use all the time – a BILL PROPOSAL.

DISCLAIMER: This book is not for advocates looking for tips on the best lobbying strategies. There are already a number of books by seasoned lobbyists and strategy consultants who can give you all the inside scoop on connecting with legislators and negotiating with stakeholders.

But if you’re overwhelmed with the idea of lobbying, and you’re looking for a guide that will show you what resources and tools you should have in place before even contacting your first legislator (or hiring a lobbyist to do it for you) — you’ve come to the right place!

Get The Complete Guide On Building a “Worry-Free” Lobbying Initiative That Could Transform The Communities You Serve

Our new book, The Nonprofit Lobbyist, is a short and detailed guide that empowers nonprofits to influence public policy and teaches them how to lay a strong – and safe – foundation for creating systemic change.

You can get it for only $4.99!

Here’s the Valuable Information You’ll Learn in this Book:

  • Chapter 1: Tearing Down Myths About Nonprofit Lobbying
  • Chapter 2: Why Nonprofits Should Lobby
  • Chapter 3: Nonprofits That Changed Their Communities By Changing the Law
  • Chapter 4: Critical First Steps Before Getting Started (i.e. Understanding Lobbying Limits, Recordkeeping, & Compliance)
  • Chapter 5: The Essential Parts of an Advocacy Team & Advocacy Plan
  • Chapter 6: Developing a Legislative Agenda
  • Chapter 7: How to Write a Bill Proposal
  • Chapter 8: The Do’s & Don’ts of Legislative Drafting
  • Chapter 9: The Power of a Fiscal Note
  • Chapter 10: Racial, Environmental & Other Impact Statements

This Book is For You Even If:

  • You’ve heard over and over again that nonprofits can’t lobby (That’s totally false.);
  • You don’t have the capacity or resources to start your own lobbying initiative (That’s what coalitions are for!);
  • You hate the corruption associated with politics (Good! Because lobbying doesn't have to involve politics.); or
  • You’re afraid of stepping outside of your organization’s mission. (There’s nothing wrong with having a micro and a macro-mission – one that serves individuals AND the masses.

That’s why we're so excited about the information in this book!

PLUS: You’ll Get These Three FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1. The "Critical Compliance" Checklist

  • The "Critical Compliance" Checklist will help you keep tabs on all the critical steps to safely lobby without jeopardizing your tax exempt status or paying expensive penalties (i.e. taking the 501(h) election, tracking recordkeeping expenses, and knowing your lobbying registration and reporting laws).

Bonus #2. "Steps to Success" Advocacy Plan Template

  • Use our "Steps to Success" Advocacy Plan Template to identify your organization's advocacy goals, assess your advocacy resources, and select the tactics and strategies that will propel your advocacy initiative forward.

Bonus #3. "The Power Proposal" Bill Proposal Template

  • Easily write bill proposals that include all the essential components using "The Power Proposal" Bill Proposal Templates. With these templates, you'll be well on your way to creating new laws that could transform your community.

No Questions Asked

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that at the end of this book, you'll be empowered to pursue long-term change for your community, but if you're not satisfied for any reason, just email us at info@advocateimpact.com, and we’ll refund you within 5 business days — no questions asked.

What Others Are Saying:

"This book is a game changer for nonprofit staff and volunteers. So many (most) nonprofit people believe that is against the law to lobby. Yet, to truly have an impact, nonprofits need to lobby. This book makes a strong case for lobbying and guides readers through how to be effective in lobbying to address the injustices and inequalities they work every day to improve. It's on the list of books I recommend all nonprofit staff and volunteers read if they want to effectively meet their missions."

Libby V. , Nonprofit Consultant

"The Nonprofit Lobbyist is an essential read for nonprofit executives, board members, funders and supporters. It does a fantastic job of explaining (a) why legislative advocacy is critical to your mission (b) how advocacy is a "force multiplier" for your funding efforts and (c) the basic structure needed to institute an appropriate and successful legislative advocacy initiative. It is an easy read well-supported by fascinating data and case studies to give you "food for thought." I highly recommend it!"

Faye A., IRS Economist

"I gained a wealth of information from The Nonprofit Lobbyist, and I believe it is the go-to guide for nonprofit advocacy teams. It is easy for a general audience to understand, but there may also be a wide audience of social scientists who would be interested in studying in detail the role of nonprofits in lobbying for social change. This book is a perfect one-stop solution for all of these potential readers.”

Fatima A., Political Scientist

Get Your Copy Of The Nonprofit Lobbyist Now!

P.S. I know that was a lot to read, so if you hate reading and skipped to the end, here’s what you should know:

1. For only $4.99, you can learn how to safely and effectively lobby for new and improved laws that benefit the communities you serve.

2. This simple book will teach you little-known facts about the nonprofit sector’s power to change public policy and the steps you should take to do it “worry-free” (without jeopardizing your tax-exempt status or paying excessive fines)

3. You’ll also learn how to create an advocacy plan, develop a legislative agenda, and gain leverage in the legislative process by using a tool that large corporations and special interest groups use all the time – a BILL PROPOSAL.

4. Plus, we're giving you 3 FREE bonuses with your purchase - the “Critical Compliance” Checklist, which will make sure you take all the critical steps to safely lobby without jeopardizing your tax-exempt status or paying expensive penalties, the “Steps to Success" Advocacy Template, which will help you create a comprehensive plan for moving your intiative forward, and "The Power Proposal" Bil Proposal Template, which provides a solid starting point for writing a bill proposal that includes all the essential components.

5. We're confident you'll be empowered to start your own lobbying initiative by the end of the book, but if you're unsatisfied in any way, just email us at info@advocateimpact.com, and we’ll give you a full refund within 5 business days.

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